HEY YOU! Yes you. I have a pair of Prada shoes that I purchased a couple months ago. They’re in new condition, except for the bottom of the shoes which have some light wear. I ordered them through Saks to wear to castings but they were delivered in the wrong size, I was in a pinch and opted to wear them even though they were too large and have now found a replacement pair and no longer need the too big pair but can’t return them! 

If interested, please send me a message with an offer! They’re a size 40 and I have the original box, dust bags and all paper work that will be sent with the shoes upon purchase!

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  2. blahnikbitch said: they’re too big for me but you should get around $300-400 for them. good luck.
  3. rrynnn said: $250?
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  6. mj1115 said: FYI if this doesn’t work, tokio7 in NY is a good place to consign then (might have to wait to get paid if you go home between etc) if not ebay :) good luck
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  10. erreur-parfait said: how much?
  11. robinthickehasatinydick said: aw i’ve been wanting these exact ones for a long time, but not my size :(