Numero #94 J/July 2008 - Carmen Kass by Hans Feurer

Paris 1960s
Keystone Agency

Harper’s Bazaar. October 1963.
Anonymous asked ...

ur photo is in the documentary 'chasing beauty' if u didn't already know!

kmitt replied ...

I did! 

Anonymous asked ...

how did you become a model? did you get spotted on the streets, or did you go into the agencies yourself? xx

kmitt replied ...

I was scouted and signed with my mother agency. Then was placed with agencies in NY and LA. When I was 16 I booked a Prada campaign and that was my first job. 








Kate Moss by Corinne Day for Vogue UK March 1993

Pure perfection!

Wow gorg



those brows tho

diblits asked ...

I think we'd all like to know what your favorite cookie is.

kmitt replied ...

Cookie dough hands down. Or the m’n’m cookies from grocery stores that you’re mom never let you have because god knows how long they were on the shelf? mmmm

Just finished season three of Game of Thrones

Gonna need a moment to soak up all of this blood and gore before moving onto the next season of blood and gore. 


Kate Moss, L’Oreal audition, 1996

issey miyake spring summer 1999
maxiskirtednation asked ...

Do you like to wear maxi skirts? What do you think, maxi skirt could fit on a man too?

kmitt replied ...

I prefer my skirts short and my men in kilts. 

princessluss asked ...

Hi! What do models do when they have curly hair and they don't want to straight their hair everyday or use heat? My hair is quite curly but it's getting very bad because I use heat almost everyday and I know it is unhealthy...

kmitt replied ...

You are asking the right person! I have curly hair, little known fact now a days because I flat iron it every. single. day. I think the best thing to do is to be as preventative as possible so use a heat protectant on the ends and deep condition at least once a week. I’ve heard of Keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts or relaxants of some form but all with very mixed reviews. Avoid using an actual iron, try to teach yourself how to blow your hair straight with a round or flat brush, it will make a difference and your hair won’t look so flat. 


W Magazine 1993 - Kate Moss by Michael Thompson